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"Saint Of The Lost Souls" is now available in limited supply

Get your copy personally signed by James Christian before they're gone

Due to the high cost of shipping Overseas in effort to save you the cost we have eliminated the Jewel case.  
All inserts and booklet will be shipped with cd In a protective packet.
2-6 weeks delivery depending on your location. USA 1 week

CD- $24.99
plus S&H $13.90 USD
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If you would like the signed copy of the new CD send an email to jameschristianmusic@comcast.net
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 Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of “Saint Of The Lost Souls”,
the tenth studio album from House of Lords.

The album, which is the follow up to their highly successful “Indestructible”, will be released March 24th.

Beginning today, the first audio offering from “Saint Of The Lost Souls” entitled “Oceans Divide” can be heard HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cirgDpXk_K0

You can pre-order the album and/or stream first single, "Oceans Divide" here: http://radi.al/SaintoftheLostSouls

- Amazon: http://radi.al/SotLSAmazon

- iTunes: http://radi.al/SotLSiTunes

- Google Play: http://radi.al/SotLSGooglePlay

- Spotify: http://radi.al/SotLSSpotify

Recorded and produced by the band’s singer and mastermind James Christian, this collection of songs has an incredible flow of up-tempo and mid-tempo rockers mixed with power ballads, which lean a bit more toward keyboards this time around, but without compromising the band's trademark sound which is based around Jimi Bell’s guitar.

“Saint Of The Lost Souls” is already one of the years most anticipated melodic rock releases and will not disappoint fans of the band or genre. James Christian's well crafted and smooth vocals bring the band's craft to new heights. Guitarist Jimi Bell is on fire and the melodic riffs throughout the album will leave you breathless. A new addition on bass is Chris Tristram, who is no stranger to the rock community. His solid performance adds another dimension to the sound and BJ Zampa brings a solid and powerful rhythm foundation to House of Lords.

House of Lords debuted in 1989 with the release of their self-titled album, a record which is still regarded as one of the best arena rock releases of the 80’s. The colossal sound, the soaring vocals of James Christian and instrumental capabilities of the band (which featured ex-Angel and Giuffria keyboardist, Gregg Giuffria, along with luminaries Lanny Cordola, Chuck Wright and Ken Mary), were reminiscent of such frontrunners as Whitesnake/David Coverdale, Deep Purple, and Van Halen and immediately brought the band to the attention of the music media and fans.

With their sophomore release, “Sahara”, House of Lords had considerable radio and video chart success with their cover of Blind Faith’s “Can't Find My Way Home”. After a tour with Nelson in 1991, the group disbanded, eventually coming back together with a new lineup (featuring original members Giuffria and Christian) in 1992 with "Demon's Down". With the change in musical climate at the time, House of Lords went into hibernation until the original lineup came back together in 2000, releasing the controversial “Power and the Myth”, an album which featured a sound leaning more towards progressive hard rock with 70’s rock influences. After a short European tour, singer James Christian decided to go back to the trademark arena rock sound of House Of Lords, putting together a new line-up with the blessing of founding member Gregg Giuffria, who opted out right before the release of “Power and the Myth”. New members Jimi Bell on guitars and B.J. Zampa on drums supplied a true powerhouse sound to the fifth studio album, “World Upside Down”, a record which caused a real stir in the hard rock and melodic rock scenes. That album was followed up by the equally impressive “Come to My Kingdom” in 2008, "Cartesian Dreams" in 2009, "Big Money" in 2011, and “Precious Metal” in 2014.

The band has toured relentlessly in Europe and the States in support of their releases and have now become a true staple of the hard rock scene on both continents. House Of Lords stands for superb hooks and majestic atmospheres that bring back the memories of their stellar debut album, monumental guitar riffs and a production to die for. All these ingredients you will find on “Saint Of The Lost Souls” which shines from the first second to the last!

“Saint Of The Lost Souls” Track Listing:

1. Harlequin

2. Oceans Divide

3. Hit the Wall

4. Saint of the Lost Souls

5. The Sun Will Never Set Again

6. New Day Breakin’

7. Reign of Fire

8. Concussion

9. Art of Letting Go

10. Grains of Sand

11. The Other Option





House Of Lords New CD In The Making
A message from James regarding getting your hands on a signed version

"Hi Everyone, so sorry I have not been around here much lately, but when I'm in the writing and recording mode with
my band and co-writers, I really lose track of time. The good news is that the 1st half of the CD is written and recorded and
sounds amazing. I know what we have and it is special!!! I will keep you updated as much as possible from here on.

I also wanted to mention that we are offering a limited supply of the new CD signed by the band as a special promotion.
Frontiers Records has given us a limited supply for this promotion. If you would like the signed copy of the new CD
when it is released, send an email to
jameschristianmusic@comcast.net and we will contact you with paypal info".

"Thanks for all your support and see you on the road very soon!"


A  R  C  H  I  V  E  D     N  E  W  S     B  E  L  O  W







House Of Lords To Japan: Loudpark 2015 10th Anniversary Concert.

We are very excited to be performing at this special event in Japan.
This is the first time this Line-up has ever performed in Japan and the guys are pumped and ready to give their best as they always do.
We are looking forward to meeting and greeting our Japanese fans.




Coming June 2015


Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the HOUSE OF LORDS tenth studio album aptly entitled Indestructible on June 3 in Europe and June 7 in North America.


The new album shows once again what HOUSE OF LORDS stands for: powerful and heavy songs, with major hooks and melodies and grandiose arrangements. “The name Indestructible was chosen because we all felt that we have been through a lot in our long careers and what better way to say "Hey, I'm still Here" than by giving the cd a BOLD title,” says singer James Christian.


Indestructible features eleven brand new songs, which masterfully combine the best of Heavy and Melodic Hard Rock. “The album is heavier in the beginning, but we love songs that are both Melodic and Heavy” continues Christian, “and the idea was to fill the best of both on one cd without sounding like two different bands. I think we have accomplished that. A good example would be the song “Pillar of Salt" especially gives a good representation of how the new album sounds: a combination of heavy, melodic, and thoughtful lyrics. This song is one of my favorites!”


Besides being HOUSE OF LORDS tenth studio album, the new record sees the new line-up celebrating their first ten years together. “It is amazing to work with BJ, Chris and Jimi” tells James Christian, “they are all very aware of what HOUSE OF LORDS represents and they are committed to making records that complement the history of the band.  No matter which HOUSE OF LORDS album you listen to, there is a common thread, which comes from the fact that the four of us are musically in sync. This is the real reason why we have been able to produce records of this calibre”.


HOUSE OF LORDS will exclusively appear at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo (MI) next Sunday, April 12 and start a European tour in September, with a very special surprise show to be announced soon. More details soon!


Indestructible tracklisting includes: Go To Hell; Indestructible; Pillar Of Salt; 100 Mph; Call My Bluff; We Will Always Be One; Die To Tell; Another Dawn; Eye Of The Storm; Ain't Suicidal; Stand And Deliver.


It is possible to enjoy an EPK presentation of Indestructible following this link: https://youtu.be/EadZs_yj2xM




James Christian – Lead Vocals

Jimi Bell - Guitars

Chris McCarvill – Bass

BJ Zampa - Drums











We are excited to announce that House of Lords will be playing live dates in Europe during in 2014 along with Robin Beck


Last revised 10th February




click for website

6th March 2014



Kyttaro Live

7th March 2014



House Of Lords only

8th March 2014




9th March 2014



High Voltage

11th March 2014



Planet Hollywood
Robin Beck only acoustic gig

12th March 2014



Le Forum

13th March 2014



Luz De Gas

14th March 2014



Sala Shoko

15th March 2014



Senderos Del Rock 2014

16th March 2014



Kafe Antzokia

19th March 2014



Blythe & Tyne

21st March 2014


North Wales

HRH AOR2 Festival

24th March 2014



The Robin 2






"Precious Metal" is HOUSE OF LORDS' ninth studio album, following up the critically acclaimed "Big Money". This brand new release, recorded and produced by the band's singer and mastermind James Christian, again has a stellar sound, with solid and baroque songwriting mixed with unique melodic sensibilities and amazing musical skills.

Musically "Precious Metal" shows a return to the roots of the band's sound. James Christian as usual sings his heart out and he sounds better than ever on these new songs. Guitarist Jimi Bell shines with heavy, but melodic riffs throughout the album, with Chris McCarville and BJ Zampa bringing a solid and powerful rhythm foundation to the House of Lords sound.

In James Christian's words: "When we started to write this record, we knew after the 1st song that we were on to something special. The energy level was off the charts for all of us. Jimi Bell came out swinging and BJ and Chris were just crushing it. Recording this album was very easy as the songs already had arrangements that were complete. Precious Metal is a testament to years of being a band that loves what they do and has so much more to offer in the years to come."

"Precious Metal" tracklisting includes the following tracks:

Battle; I'm Breakin' Free; Epic; Live Every Day (Like Its The Last); Permission To Die; Precious Metal; Swimmin' With The Sharks; Raw; Enemy Mine; Action; Turn Back The Tide; You Might Just Save My Life.




James Christian "Lay It All On Me" will be out on Frontiers Records on July 5th in Europe and July 9th in North America

It's been a long time coming but a new James Christian solo album will soon be released on the Frontiers label.
The album titled '
Lay It All On Me' will be the first solo release from James since 'Meet The Man' way back in 2004.
You can guarantee it has been worth the wait and the new album is a worthy successor
to James's two previous releases,
Meet The Man and the classic 'Rude Awakening'.


Listen to samples of Lay It All On Me below:

Musicians on "Lay It All on Me" include:

James Christian : Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Robin Beck, Background Vocals
Jeff Kent: Keyboards
BJ Zampa, David Sherman: Drums
Jorge Salas, Jimi Bell, Shelby Stewart: Guitars




James has just finished producing the new CD from his wife Robin Beck

We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Robin Beck's new album "Underneath" coming August.

Pre-order your copy now for the best record of Robin's career featuring 11 new songs
including a stunning 12 page full color booklet and personally autographed photo sent directly to you.
Includes automatic entry into a prize draw to win Robin Beck goodies and speak with the lady herself.




Big Money Continues To Impress


The contributors of the Heavy Harmonies website have just announced their personal top albums of 2011 with Big Money being amongst them.

Mike's Pick for Heavy Harmonies 2011 CD of the Year
House of Lords - Big Money.
I proudly present to you the most consistent band of the last six years, James Christian and company aka House of Lords. After the misfire that was 2004's "The Power and the Myth", these guys have come back time and time again with one great album after another, and 2011's "Big Money" is no exception. From the hard rockin' title track/opener "Big Money", and the excellent "Someday When" to the closing track "Blood", this is another fantastic entry in the discography of one of my all-time favorite bands. Kudos!

 Heavy Harmonies



**James with Robin Beck at Firefest 2012**

James's wife, Robin Beck will be performing live at Firefest 2012 in Nottingham,
England along with a plethora of top bands from the Melodic Rock and AOR world.
She takes to the stage on
Saturday 20th October and the event takes place at Nottingham Rock City.
James Christian will be playing Bass in her backing band along with other great
musicians such as Tommy Denander and BJ Zampa.
For ticketing information and other useful info related to the event please visit the official
Firefest website



House Of Lords new CD 'Big Money' is available to buy from the website shop
$14.99 (plus s/h)
Go here to order your copy now signed by James


Big Money Heading Your Way

The release of the new album from House Of Lords is here

 BIG MONEY, is well, ‘BIG’. The album starts with the trademark vocals of James Christian and crashes into a
Power Rock Classic that you will not forget after the first listen, followed by a song that Christian describes as
"the band’s best work to date”... “One Man Down”.
Each song has its own distinct quality as you would expect from The Lords and once again the album is full of
soaring choruses, awesome guitar work and songs that grab you from the first
listen and don’t let go.

Euro Release date: 23.09.2011
 USA Release date: 27.09.2011

Check out the video for the House of Lords song
'Someday When' from the soon to be released
Big Money

Hear clips and listen to the band talk about the new album

 Look out for House of Lords on Tour






Due to a health issue, House Of Lords will be postponing their European tour and rescheduling for early 2012,  
These USA dates are still on

November 18th, Rock House/Rock Junction, Coventry, Rhode Island
November 19th, Daniels Street Club, Milford, CT 
December 19th, Mohegan Sun,
Uncasville, CT

This is James  I have some rather bad news for you. We need to reschedule the shows we have planned in Oct/Nov.

 The truth is, I had an operation for Prostate Cancer a few months back and was hoping that I would be better in time for these shows,
but my doctor feels I need two more months rest before performing again. He feels it is best if we reschedule the tour for either
February or March. My apologies for this. I really thought I was gonna be well enough. I feel terrible about this, but we do want to reschedule if we can. It saddens me to tell you this so late. Doctors say I am gonna be fine, but I do need a few months
before performing again.

 Best James

We will keep you informed of any rescheduled shows here on the homepage, as and when news arrives.
I'm sure you will all join me in wishing James well in his recovery (webmaster)



House of Lords Music Video coming soon

a pic taken during the recent House of Lords video shoot




James Christian producing new Fiona Album.

World famous recording artist and actress Fiona returns to music in 2011 with a brand new album produced by James.
The album is currently in production and live dates are being discussed possibly in combination with
House Of Lords and Robin Beck.

To keep you going until the album's release there is a brand new official Fiona website to check out with sneak previews
of new songs, unseen photos and much more.

visit www.fionarock.com





New Robin Beck Album available for pre-order

James's wife Robin Beck has a brand new album out entitled 'The Great Escape'
The album was produced by James and features him singing with Robin on the track 'Till The End Of Time'.
11 new songs to rock your soul.

"That All Depends" - duet with Joe Lynn Turner
"Till The End Of Time" - duet with James Christian

listen to clips



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